Exceptional Couples Workshop

A spring Couples Workshop in the romantic city of Sopot (Poland) on the Baltic Sea.

What is it that you both want?
Isn’t it better when you are not repeating ridiculous arguments, when you are not feeling lonely and hiding from each other because you are angry or hurt, when you you are not acting like your parents did when they were miserable?

Attend this enlightening and life changing workshop led by International couples therapists from Holland.


You will get to know your partner more deeply. You will finally understand WHY you get into situations that make you both miserable. Your attraction to your partner will blossom. You and your partner will go home with usable tools to help your relationship have more passion, fun and love.

We all start our relationship with the wish of a deep connection to our partner. We want to be seen and to be loved.
We also want recognition and validation from our partner. 💓

The real need for a deep connection is often mixed up with confusing needs, which turn into demands from each other. Those needs are coming from our childhood and most often, are unconscious.
When we open ourselves up to our partners and make ourselves vulnerable, we often unconsciously expect our partner to understand and do the same if they care for us. Often our partner fails to live up to our expectations, we get frustrated and react with aggravation, criticizing, blaming, yelling, withholding and withdrawing. 💔

📌 It is important to distinguish and understand our mature real needs and our immature needs. The immature needs were needs not met in our childhood and each of us naturally but unconsciously, want and often demand our partner fulfill them. In order for our relationship to return to a loving, compassionate and passionate experience, we need to uncover what is driving us and learn to treat ourselves with compassion and willingly learn to give compassion to our loved one.

✅ In this workshop we offer many different exercises combined with energetic work to get more in contact with this topic.
✅ We want to help everyone to differentiate between real, mature needs and childhood needs and to search for new possibilities.
✅ We will help you find your personal boundaries within your relationship and learn how to take responsibility for your own fulfilment while helping your partnership be fulfilling


Anna Timmermans, and Cees Van Loon, married for many years, work with couples in the Netherlands and internationally. Anna, a teacher of Bioenergetics (Lowen) N.I.B.A is Director of the Core Energetics Institute in the Netherlands and has worked as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years. She is the author of book “Beyond Defense – core energetics techniques”
Her husband, Cees, worked in the Sport business world as a manager and consultant and later trained in Core Energetics in New York. He has a private therapy practice in Holland, teaches, and gives workshops also with his wife. He enjoys helping men find their fulfillment in their relationships and in their lives.

May 10, 2019 Friday: 19-21:30
May 11, 2019 Saturday: 10:00-13:00/ 15:00-18:00
May 12, 2019 Sunday: 10:00-13:00/ 14:30-17:30

THE IMPERIAL HOTEL near the Boardwalk on the Baltic Sea in beautiful Sopot Poland

190 Euro per person 380 Euro per couple
post Valentines day 230 Euro per person. 460 Eu per couple

Magdalena Kwaśniewska-Tafel
Phone: +48 601 175 555