Core Energetics Training

Our first Four Year Training Program in Poland started in October 2016. Our dedicated Pioneer training group are finishing their second year and are moving into their 3rd year of training in October 2018, fascinated by the deep learning they are experiencing with this method. Our school is bi-lingual. The training is held in the Polish and English language through the help of a translator. The goal of our program is for our students to complete the training with a comprehensive knowledge and skill to work with people using the Core Energetics method. Our training is geared towards students with Masters degrees or working towards degrees that include the psychological and physical health of an individual. Interested students from other branches of education will be considered on an individual basis and it is possible that additional training may
be recommended to complete their certification as Core Energetic practitioners.

The First and Second years are also available for people who are interested in their own self transformation and not necessarily interested in becoming Core Energetics practitioners. However, deep transformational work is required for all our students, whether they are only seeking that for their personal lives or are intending to become therapists. Students who end their time with us after the first 2 years will be welcomed to events organized by the greater Polish Core Energetics community that we are developing.



The first two years of training concentrate on the concepts of energy and consciousness and engage our students not only intellectually but include much experiential work involving emotions and the body. The basic theories of Reichian Characterology and Core Energetic concepts of Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self are applied. The modules include being introduced to and experiencing the many various techniques that work to unblock energy in the body and consciousness.

The modules are a combination of didactic and experiential exercise with the goal of understanding the human energy system and how it gets blocked. The students are also introduced to the many various techniques that work to release and unblock energy in the body and to the important process of keeping an open heart.

This phase of learning addresses anger, resistance, exploring one’s ego, claiming self –responsibility and recognizing how our will and emotions work energetically. There is an integration of spirituality and psychological concepts using specially chosen Pathwork lectures. An introduction to one’s sexual energy and how to work with sexual energy and is also taught

During the Third and Fourth years of training, students practice techniques and learn how to clinically apply Core concepts under the guidance of Supervisors. Additional supervision hours are added to their training . Concurrently all students are required to be in regular therapy (both individual and group, if possible).

The Third year of training focuses on the dynamics of a client’s process in the context of their growth both psychologically and spiritually according to the Pathwork concepts of Mask, Lower Self and Higher Self. The students continue to learn to assess and make treatment choices according to how energy flows or is blocked in the seven segments of the body of a client. The practice of assessment and diagnosis of psychopathology, along with ethics, trauma treatment, anxiety treatment and sexual dysfunction is studied.

The Fourth year of training becomes more specialized in the study of Core group process, Core relationship work, further DSM V assessment, advanced treatment of anxiety, further Core trauma treatment (PTSD) , Psychosomatics, bereavement work, and the termination of therapy.

Students in their Fourth year of training become more conscious of their own personal Core Qualities along with the personal challenges they are aware of. They also discover and practice their own leadership abilities.

The Fourth year of training ends with individual final projects and live supervisions before a graduation panel. A Core Energetics practitioner certificate is awarded after ALL training requirements are met.

During the Third and Fourth years of training, the students will be required to present live supervised individual sessions along with group supervised sessions beyond our scheduled 4 teaching modules a year.

Please send questions to:
info@coreenergeticspolska or Ala@corenenergeticspolska.com