7 reasons, why Core Energetics works

7 reasons, why Core Energetics works 2019-01-27T10:09:04+00:00
  1. Core Energetics gives a person opportunity to discover and express buried negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate and shame and move through them to a more mature and emotional balance in their lives.

  2. Core Energetics helps a person release insecurity about  body issues.

  3. Working with the body, a person begins to break through some of his/her energy blocks that were created because of a painful past. Core Energetics techniques offer a clearing to a fuller life in the present and the future.

  4. Core Energetics sees a person as holistic: taking into consideration his body, mind, emotions, will and spirit.

  5. Core Energetics is helpful in treating sexual inhibitions.

  6. Core Energetics teaches a person to become spontaneous and open in their expression and discover their own authentic self. These are keys to great communication and creating a having a healthy partnership.

  7. The spiritual aspect of Core Energetics offers the potential of deep personal growth and is helpful in a person’s self acceptance and acceptance of others.