What is Core Energetics

What is Core Energetics 2018-01-30T15:24:12+00:00

Core Energetics is a method of psychotherapy originated by psychiatrist John Pierrakos (1921-2001) that integrates body, mind and spirit. This method focuses on freeing the  energetic blocks and defenses people  develop from  childhood  into adulthood that hold a person back from their true potential and authentic self.



Core Energetics works with our bodies to identify, reveal  and break through  the hidden, blocked energy that prohibits us from feeling our own full vitality.   People who have experienced Core Energetics report  being able to finally make a deeper commitment to their lives, a freedom in  their  creativity and sexuality  and  fuller and more satisfying relationships.

Current neurological research strongly recommends that any treatment for trauma requires focus on helping the body as well as the mind to heal.  We find that working with the body, mind and spirit also dramatically helps with  depression, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunction, dependency, addictions,  chronic muscle pain, etc. Core Energetics does not stop at just  symptom relief, but works  to change deeply rooted beliefs that strongly affect a person’s reactions and behavior.



Working within the Core Energetics Model, a person develops a more authentic sense of one’s self,  a clearer ability to identify and express their feelings and a stronger sense of ethics and morality.  People learn to see the consequences of their behavior and practice self responsibility, directed by their love and truth.

This method is applied in individual therapy as well as working with couples, families and group.


Led by our spiritual aspect (CORE), our inner Will expresses our intentions, supported by information from our Mind and Emotions, strongly grounded in our Bodies.