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If you are seeking a therapist that speaks English, please contact biuro@coreenergeticspolska.com.  Please always let us know what area in Poland you want to have therapy.

Below you can find a list of Certified Core Energetics Therapists (CCET) and Therapists under certification.
Each of them is a member of the Polish Core Energetics Association which is an active member of the International Association of Core Energetics. (www.iace.info) and work with clients under supervision.

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Ala Konopko-Ulanecki M.A., CCEP., Co-Director of the Institute Core Energetics Polska. Socialworker, psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. Works in Core Energetics for over 25 years. Trained at the New York Core Energetics Institute, where she worked for 12 years teaching and supervising students. For over 20 years Ala had her private practice in New York working with individuals and groups. She also teaches at Core Energetics institutes in Greece, Holland and Italy and is a member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy (USABP).

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel: +48 509 635 930

E-mail: taja.bronzel@gmail.com

Website: annabroncel.pl

Anna Broncel is a psychologist, oligophrenopedagogue and psychotherapist by education. She works with people from primary school – from volunteering, through work in various organizations (including ZHR) and centers, kindergartens, psychiatric wards and others … Invariably and constantly fascinated by people … with passion on the way and continuous development … loves to reach for various tools, some of them have been training for several years – incl. in the field of Gestalt and Ericson therapy, Hellinger’s system settings, drama, art therapy, choreotherapy, TRE, Core Energetics … She especially loves body-oriented work, which is an amazing source of knowledge about ourselves … integrates the physical level with the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

She believes that the key to healing is a deep and authentic bond with our inner self, other people, nature, and things that go far beyond our rational knowledge. He works with the energy he sees and feels … He believes that intuition is as important as knowledge … He focuses on resources and the highest potential … He treats a crisis and an unwanted symptom as an opportunity for development. He supports his knowledge in the field of quantum physics, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, massages intuitively and with the PeLoHa method, practices yoga and meditates. He loves to spend lonely nights in deep woods or on mountain peaks … He lives without meat and TV. She is equally fond of art and science … culture and nature … is a crew member at the Academy of Deep Ecology … dances, sings and paints … designs interiors, furniture and clothes under the “GaMola” brand … Therapy and Development ”, in which he gives consultations, conducts individual and family therapy, and organizes development and therapeutic workshops on a solo or team basis. He also works at the Day Psychiatric Ward for Children and Youth. He supervises his work regularly. I also work via skype. She is a mother of three wonderful kids.

“… if you cannot cope with emotions, suffer from anxiety and / or low mood, experience psychosomatic ailments, have difficulty sleeping, feel chronic fatigue, cannot cope with tension or stress … You are in a crisis moment, building close relationships is important to you difficult, you have low self-esteem, you experience burnout and lack of motivation to act … You struggle with loss, separation, you are in the process of mourning … You struggle with addictions, you want to better understand yourself, your decisions and mechanisms of action, you have a need to develop and expand your awareness, also of the body … You need support and the presence of someone who will listen to you – please contact me. “

Anna Broncel

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel: +48 500 855 552

E-mail: piotrgajdek@hotmail.com

ABOUT ME My name is Piotr Gajdek and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist by education.

I graduated from psychological studies at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. I received my psychotherapeutic education at the Gestalt Integral Psychotherapy Institute in Krakow in the Gestalt humanistic trend www.gestalt.edu.pl

I am also a psychotherapist working with the body in the Core Energetics trend, in the last, fourth year of certification.

In my many years of professional experience I have worked in psychiatric hospitals and in the Mental Health Clinic and Addiction Clinic in Warsaw. My work included psychological consultations and individual and group psychotherapy for adults. I am currently working in a private practice and clinic in the center of Warsaw.

I am the husband of a wonderful woman and the father of two-year-old twins.

My interests, apart from psychotherapy and personal development, are martial arts, running and movies. In my free time, I like to rest in the bosom of nature.


In my professional work, I combine the humanistic Gestalt trend with work with the body, i.e. Core Energetics.

As a psychotherapist, I believe that every person has the potential to change their life for the better and be happy, no matter what life situation they are in and what problems they are experiencing.

I especially believe in the wisdom of the body, its memory and the healing power of its resources.

In my work with another person, I pay attention to thoughts, emotions, and related body and energy processes. With the consent and taking into account the readiness of the person, I use bioenergy exercises, also using bioenergy tools.

In the office, I try to create an atmosphere of safety, understanding and acceptance. Such conditions enable personal development, work on problems and change towards health.

I supervise my therapeutic work with professional supervisors from Poland and the United States.

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel.: +48 698 108 205
E-mail: biotenaga@wp.pl
Website: www.pracowniaterapii.com
FB Fanpage: Pracownia Terapii i Rozwoju Ewa Januszkiewicz – www.facebook.com/TREJeleniaGora

Psychotherapist, provider of TRE. Trainings:

  • certified training of the TRE method (2011-2012),

  • 4-year psychotherapeutic training in Bioenergy Analysis (2011-2016),

  • Dietetics according to TMC (2015-2016),

  • during a 4-year psychotherapeutic training using the Core Energetics method (3rd year).

Professional experience – own practice: individual and group sessions, development workshops, volunteering at the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Jelenia Góra (1 year).

At the beginning of my path of self-development, I met my Soul, Mind and Emotions. I forgot about the Body, I disregarded its signals. The breakthrough and inspiring moment in my life was when I discovered and experienced the important role of the body in regaining health, harmony, releasing tensions and releasing emotions.

During my first workshop on working with the Body (Bioenergy Analysis), I felt respect for wisdom and for the mechanisms of self-regulation of the Body. At the same time, however, I have had a kind of disappointment that so few people are aware of the potential they have. I decided to educate myself in this direction in order not only to passionately help people live in harmony with their body and soul, but also responsibly and professionally.

Therapist under certification

Tel. +48 511 868 112
E-mail: anna.jura.bb@gmail.com
Website: www.annajura.pl

I work with individual clients and groups.

I specialize in working with people looking for greater satisfaction in life, dissatisfied with their appearance, wanting to improve relationships with themselves and their loved ones, struggling with excessive stress, attacks of uncontrolled anger, anxiety, low mood, reduced motivation to take daily activities.

I graduated in Psychology with a specialization in Health Psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. I am an Instructor of the Academy of Expressive Therapies and Relaxation Techniques.

I gained my clinical experience working under supervision at the Department of Treatment of Neurotic Disorders at the Psychotherapy Center in Ustroń and in cardiological, neurological and lymphological rehabilitation departments. I conducted psychological consultations, workshops in the field of psychoeducation, development through movement and other expressive techniques, and relaxation training.

Therapist under certification

Tel: +48 505 583 007

E-mail: psychoterapia@klepadlo.pl

Website: klepadlo.pl

FB Fanpage: Cormeum Pracownia Psychoterapii i Psychoedukacji Mariola Klepadłowww.facebook.com/psychoterapia.cormeum

I am a Core Energetics psychotherapist under certification and a member of the Polish CE Association. I run training groups and individual psychotherapeutic meetings. My work is under the constant supervision of experienced therapists from New York.

I am a certified educator. I have been working with children for 15 years and I support their parents in communication and upbringing. I have participated in many workshops and trainings on effective interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, mediation, interpersonal training and non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

Working with children awakened in me the joy and energy of my inner child and restored my childhood passion – singing. For 15 years I have been exploring the secrets of traditional singing from various parts of Europe and beyond. In my work, I use the power of the voice, which makes it easier for us to meet our blockages and helps to release tensions, touches our hearts and allows us to contact the depth of our being-soul.

I love to laugh, dance and meet my friends. I believe that each of us has resources to heal ourselves. Sometimes we need the help of a devoted friend who will listen to us, and sometimes we need the attentive and caring gaze of the therapist. A meeting in an empathetic, honest and accepting relationship helps to shed a different light on the existing difficulties, and thanks to closeness and respect, it allows you to restore harmony in functioning.

If you want to feel more strength and pleasure, regain childhood joy, have support in yourself and in your body …

Feel free to contact me

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Contact: senspsycholog@gmail.com

FB Fanpage: www.facebook.com/senspsycholog

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I work in an integrative trend, I combine and select psychotherapy tools to the needs of the person I meet. I specialize in the somatic approach, that is, taking into account the body and mind, as well as in psychosomatic work with the voice. I look at a person holistically and try to see the individual potential of each person.

What do I specialize in?
The areas in which my work is particularly associated with passion are: psychosomatics, disorders of expression and feeling emotions, working with trauma (including the body), working with relationships, mourning, parting.

Whom am I inviting?
If you experience psychosomatic symptoms – you feel that your body wants to tell you something or your physical ailments indicate a psychological basis – I invite you to contact me.

In my practice, I meet people who experience physiological symptoms of stress such as shaking, stuttering and a squeezed voice, whose body ‘goes crazy’ in situations that are objectively harmless from the outside, who experience tightness and tension in the body, a sense of separation from their own body and all kinds of physical reactions to social situations. I also invite people after traumas, including physical ones.

I offer psychological support for adults and adolescents. I work in Polish and English. Currently, in addition to individual psychotherapy, I run a regular support group for nurses and medical workers as part of cooperation with the Digital Nurses Association, and also webinars supporting mental health during the crisis.

What tools of psychotherapy do I use?
I am a graduate of psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. I completed a 4-year professional training in Core Energetics somatic psychotherapy (brother method for Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetic Analysis) and I am a certified Core Energetics psychotherapist. In order to be able to use various and effective methods of work, I participated in professional trainings in the field of: Mindfulness, Solution Focused Therapy (TSR), Process-Oriented Psychology (ProcessWork), coaching, prevention and treatment of depression in the cognitive-behavioral approach, work with people experiencing mourning. In addition to psychotherapeutic practice, for 12 years I have been active in the field of psychoeducation: I conduct open development workshops and trainings in the field of engaging the body and voice in the psychotherapeutic process (eg during the conference “Body Roots of Psychology. On working with the body in psychotherapy” at the University of Wrocław).

What are my standards?
I subject my work to regular supervision. I follow the rules of the Code of Ethics of the Polish Psychological Association and the Code of Ethics of IACE (International Association Core Energetics). Improving my skills is very important to me, that’s why I regularly take part in trainings and workshops to deepen my knowledge.

Feel free to contact me!

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel. +48 796 347 394

Website: www.remedium-cr.pl

FB Fanpage: RemediuM – Centrum Rozwoju – www.facebook.com/RemediuMCentrumRozwoju

Address: RemediuM Centrum Rozwoju, ul. Obrońców Westerplatte 31/1 A, 80-706 Sopot

“The body is a map from which we read the history of our life” Magda K-T.

I am a psychotherapist, trainer and coach. After 15 years of working in a corporation, I decided to change my life. I started with work, ended up on myself. First I studied coaching, then TRE, and finally got to Core Energetics.

Currently, together with my husband Ryszard Tafel, I am co-creating the RemediuM Development Center in Sopot. As a Coach, I work with clients based on two innovative methods: MindSonar (a psychometric tool) and Tension Release Exercise (a method that relieves stress and tension in the body).

At every stage of my development, I knew that the most important thing for me is a person, their potential, history and, above all, their feelings. Working at Core Energetics has shown me that everything we “produce” in the head and “accumulate” in the heart shows our body.

“The body never lies … expresses the person who inhabits the body …”

Core Energetics is an evolution of psychotherapy. Its source lies in Bioenergetics, and its evolution (development) goes back to spirituality. An important aspect of it is the approach that everyone has the right to their own dimension of spirituality.

Working as a therapist, I draw on experiences from my whole life. I also reach for my spirituality, which for me is nothing but my intuition and a voice from my heart.

My professional motto is the premise: calming the mind, healing the heart is only possible when we free our body.

Therapist under certification

Tel: +48 601 84 11 12

E-mail: beatakwiat.100@gmail.com

FB Fanpage: Centrum Terapii Życia

“What are the real needs of an adult? They are: self-expression, growth, development, achieving your own spiritual potential and all that comes out of them. It means pleasure, love, fulfillment, good relationships and a significant contribution to a great plan in which everyone has a task. ”
(excerpt from Pathwork lecture No. 192)

After many years of working in a ‘corporation’ and after giving birth to my second child, I felt that it was becoming more and more difficult for me to combine work and family life. I went to the workshop entitled “I support myself at work” and I saw that I can not do it anymore and I do not want to continue supporting myself in my current lifestyle. I set off on a journey to find myself. I started with participation in workshops. I was interested in almost everything: Hellingerian settings, dietitian according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 transformations cuisine, Recall Healing, non-violent communication, Wim Hoff’s method as well as florist workshops. Working with energy fascinates me all the time (two-point, Reiki 1st and 2nd degree). However, it took me some time to dare to start individual psychotherapy; initially in the psychodynamic trend, and then in bioenergy analysis. Eventually I came across a school for psychotherapists working with the Core Energetics body. Initially, it was supposed to be my own work, but this method fascinated me so much that I decided to complete the entire four-year training and share my knowledge and experience with the world.

Alexander Lowen wrote, “The real criterion for successful therapy is that it initiates a developmental process that the patient can continue without the help of a therapist.” I am grateful to be able to accompany the people who come to me in this process, watch them grow stronger and open their hearts as they begin to see their beauty and power …

I am a certified Core Energetics psychotherapist under certification. I work under supervision. In addition, I am a participant in the Practical Psychotraumatology training and I follow the path of personal and professional development by taking part in other interesting workshops and trainings. I invite adults to Core Energetics individual therapy, participation in exercise groups, workshops and other activities that I organize at my Centrum Terapii Życia in Gdańsk.

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel. +48 691 483 691
E-mail: biuro@jaluna-psychoterapia.pl
Website: www.jaluna-psychoterapia.pl
FB Fanpage: Jaluna – Psychoterapia – www.facebook.com/Jaluna-Psychoterapia-433860577353638
Skype: psychoterapeuta.zielonagora
Address: ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 9 gab. 128, Zielona Góra

I am a psychotherapist, trainer and psychobiology consultant. For over a dozen years I have been running a psychotherapeutic office in the center of Zielona Góra. I also work online with people living outside Poland.

I help people by accompanying them on their way to self-knowledge and better functioning in life. In my office, I meet people individually, with couples and families.

I organize therapeutic and exercise groups in Zielona Góra and other cities in Poland.

I have cooperated with mental health clinics, care and nursing centers and EU projects.

I work with many therapeutic methods that I integrate with myself and my work with clients. One of them is Gestalt, which belongs to the humanistic and existential trend. I am delighted with the Core Energetics method with its holistic perception of man as interpenetrating spaces of the body, emotions, mind, free will and spirit. I am fascinated by psychobiology and TRE® exercises.

I graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Wrocław. I satisfied the need for development by completing postgraduate studies in marketing, management and research of achievements. I gained the competences of a therapist and trainer at the Krakow Gestalt Therapy Institute, which is a member of EAGT – European Association for Gestalt Therapy and Forge – International Federation of Gestalt Training Organization.

In 2011-2012 I was trained by David Berceli, the creator of the TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) method, and I became one of the first certified TRE® Providers in Poland.

I obtained the certificate in the field of psychobiology by participating in the first edition of the Academy of Psychobiology Vedica Marzanny Radziszewska-Konopka. I am constantly expanding my workshop in this area.

Currently, I am expanding my therapeutic and coaching skills at the Core Energetics Polska School www.coreenergeticspolska.com, which is a member of the International Association Core Energetics (IACE).

I supervise my work with psychotherapists from New York, who opened the Core Energetics Center in Poland three years ago.

I am constantly working on my own development. I participate in specialized trainings of various psychotherapeutic orientations. I study the aspect of their interpenetration, the possibility of using what is best in them in my work with people.

Certified Core Energetics Therapist

Tel.: +48 531212221
E-mail: joanna.sajko@gmail.com

Psychologist, certified system settings therapist, certified coach (ACC ICF), member of ICF Global, trainer, expert in intergender communication, academic lecturer. She has a TRE Provider certificate in the field of trauma release, specializes in working with the body, Ho’oponopono practice, is a participant in the 3rd year of the Core Energetics school, bioenergy developed by John and Eve Pierrakos. She is a certified graduate of the school of new system settings (Hellinger Polska and Taunus-Institut für Stilles Familienstellen).

He has 15 years of experience in the profession of a psychologist, trainer of “soft social skills”, coach and career counselor. As a therapist, she bases her practice on working with internal and external elements, and develops it by integrating various techniques and methods.

As a coach and trainer, he combines methods of developing personal competences with techniques that deepen reaching the client’s dormant resources. He is an expert in applying the CORE method in activating the potential of teams in the business environment. She has implemented projects, including for EDF Polska S.A, SAS Institute, Toyota, Nordea, Duni EFF Sp. z o. o., Roche Diagnosics, Inter Cars S.A., the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, ArcelorMittal Poland, Abbvie, Valeo, Sealed Air Polska sp.z o.o. and many others. A lover of dancing, sailing, skiing, mountain trips. Mother of 16-year-old Cyprian and 7-year-old Ali.

Tel. +48 574 444 035
email: natalia@psychoterapiacore.pl
www: psychoterapiacore.pl

My name is Natalia Bobrowska and I am a body-oriented psychotherapist, breathwork facilitator with almost 10 years’ experience and a yin yoga teacher.

I am a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

I’ve finished 4 years’ school of somatic psychotherapy (Core Energetics).

I have experience working with individuals as well as with groups.

I believe that every now and then, in the midst of the turmoil of life, one needs some external resource that can help reconnect with one’s own inner strength. As a therapist I feel privileged to be able to play that role.

Body-oriented psychotherapy helps us reconnect with our authenticity, which is crucial to our ability to consciously express emotions. Authenticity is key. To our inner strength, internal resources, vitality and creativity.

Tel.: 660 367 387
E-mail: esterka04@tlen.pl
www: core.radom.pl

My name is Małgorzata Sobczak. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist by education. I’ve been working with people for 19 years.

I use various psychotherapeutic methods that I combine in my work with clients. One of them is psychodynamic psychotherapy, which allows you to become aware of the destructive thought and emotional patterns reproduced from generation to generation.

From October 2018. I am participating in a 4-year training course called Core Energetics Polska. This method perceives the human being as a whole, the unity of the body, emotions, mind and spirituality.

Through TRE, I have the pleasure of accompanying others in deepening their contact with myself, my feelings and my body. This innocent method allows you to work with people to regain their balance, peace, resilience, strength and potential.

Privately, I am passionate about the world of nature, traveling, dancing and singing. I invite you to cooperation.