Core Energetics Training 4th Edition

Core Energetics Training 4th Edition 2022-02-09T15:22:43+00:00

The new edition of Training will start in autumn 2022.

The training is dedicated to people with a university degree in the fields related to helping, psychophysical health, and the interest in working in this area. The final year students may also submit applications. Submissions of people with different education will be considered individually, it is possible that additional training will be needed.

The graduate obtains a diploma of completion of the Professional Training and after fulfilling all the requirements (within a maximum of 2 years from completion) – Certificate of the Core Energetics Psychotherapist.

The training program, certification requirements, and Ethical code are based on the guidelines of the International Core Energetics Association (https://www.iace.info/), which brings together Core Energetics Institutes from around the world.

Stages of recruitment:

1. Sending the filled application (download) with  attachments and recruitment fee – dates will be soon announced.

2. After the positive consideration of the documents, we arrange an interview (usually online) with School Directors Alicja Konopko and / or Elizabeth Carl (the conversation can also be accompanied by an assisting teacher or administrative representative).

3. After a common positive decision, welcome to the group of students of the 3rd edition of Professional Training and meet at the first module of classess.

Additional information:


The training takes place at the Inwest training and recreation center in Smardzewice (near Tomaszów Mazowiecki).

Details of the object can be found at: http://inwest-smardzewice.pl/

Dates of Modules:

Module 1   October 26-30, 2022

Module 2   January 18-22, 2023

Module 3   March 22-26, 2023

Module 4    May 24-28, 2023


The cost of training is 12 000 PLN + VAT per year, payable in tranches – 3,000 + VAT PLN an initial fee and 2,150 + VAT PLN before each Class Module. You can set an individual schedule.

Accomodation during the classes and the costs associated with therapeutic and supervision sessions are paid additionally.

Students receive access to an educational platform with training materials, a library, etc. They can also participate in workshops and events organized and co-organized by the Association with a 10% discount.


“Although I could say a million words about the training, which I finish this year, I will limit myself to one sentence – next to the knowledge and skills I have acquired, it is one of the most beautiful, most amazing, developing experiences that I have encountered ♥” AB