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Testimonial from Core Energetics Intro workshop, Connecticut, NY

The Core Energetics Intro workshop was a very profound experience for me. When I was preparing to come to this event, I felt some anxiety because I wasn’t sure what to expect. At the very beginning of the workshop, we all managed to create a nice atmosphere and a space that felt safe. Although every one of us came from a different background and had different issues, we connected on a deep level and created our own “tribe”. It seemed impossible to do that in such a short period of time but this is the magic of Core Energetics. Through this bond, we worked on deep levels of our subconscious. There were tears, laughter, healing and true love. During this weekend, I experienced my own vulnerability and authenticity, which is irreplaceable. The workshop initiated a process that went further than the end of the weekend. Following the weekend, I experienced new waves of feelings and emotions that led me to further deeper personal revelations. These new insights allowed me to come to inner reconciliations and sincere forgiveness. This all was the most beautiful gift I could have given myself.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank my dear group and all of our teachers.
Katarzyna S.

Testimonials from the Polish Core Energetics workshop in London.

 “I didn’t know what to expect from this workshop, I thought it would be merely  instructional but it turned out to be a deep personal experience for me. Last weekend helped me so much.  It was  being with the group and realizing how our issues were similar and that it is worth it to open one self up and release old wounds.  This week I have felt so much more positive and strong.  I want to continue to have Core Energetics help me in my personal development.” —Marta N.

“I am grateful that I trusted you, Ela and shared in the process that continues to move me. In perspective, I am now seeing many things differently and I believe I understand myself much better.  It was wonderful to be part of the group.  The time I spent with them continues to live in me and I believe will stay with me for a long time” —Ewa W.

 “Ela, It gives me so much pleasure that you are happy with how the Polish women’s workshop turned out.  I know that for them, the way you helped them meant a great deal. I also learned a lot assisting you.  It was a very valuable  and revelatory experience for me.” —Dorota Maglo, psychotherapist and workshop assistant for the CE workshop in London

Testimonials from  Core Energetic workshops in New York

“It was great to once again participate in a Core Energetics workshop. Every time I attend one, I bring back new experiences, I learn new techniques that help me work on myself and help me in daily life. There is no other place in my world where I can express myself in such full truth in a group and receive  such support, understanding and respect. Every time, I learn a new aspect of myself. Truthfully, I can’t imagine my life without this kind of personal transformative work” —Jerzyk L.

“Core Energetics has helped me not only personally  but  in my career as well.  My life has made a 180 degree turn since I have begun this process.  I feel a lot stronger and I have much more consciousness about how I am in the world.  I have a deep longing to live my life to the fullest whether I am at work or on vacation. I think everyone could benefit from this work.” —Joanna R.

“Thanks to Core Energetics, I am feeling comfortable in my own body.  I never imagined that I could feel this much joy and satisfaction with the simple fact that I can be myself.  These realizations are so valuable to me.  I feel more courageous.  I speak what is on my mind to others even though sometimes, it is a risk.  I speak up for myself  even though there is a possibility of controversy or conflict.  I have so much gratitude for this.” —Piotr S.

Testimonials from couples workshop “Matter of the heart” Sopot – April 2016

Testimonials from couples workshop “Matter of the heart” Sopot – April 2016

Testimonials from workshops for professionals

Testimonials from workshops

Testimonials from workshops